F1Fo ATP synthase dimerizes

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Homo sapiens
F1Fo ATP synthase binds F1Fo ATP synthase
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At the inner mitochondrial membrane, an F1Fo ATP synthase complex binds another F1Fo ATP synthase complex to form a dimer that causes curvature of the inner mitochondrial membrane at internal regions of cristae (Habersetzer et al. 2013, inferred from bovine homologs in Strauss et al. 2008, Davies et al. 2011, Davies et al. 2012, inferred from yeast homologs in Arnold et al. 1998, Couoh-Cardel et al. 2010). The dimers are observed in rows along the highly curved apices of cristae (inferred from bovine homologs in Davies et al. 2014).
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