PTENP1 mRNA binds miR-19b RISC

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PTENP1 mRNA is the product of the PTEN pseudogene PTENP1 and is highly homologous to PTEN mRNA. PTENP1 mRNA contains a perfect match for the miR-19 family of microRNAs, which target PTEN mRNA for degradation. miR-19b was shown to suppress both PTENP1 and PTEN transcript levels.
Overexpression of PTENP1 3'UTR results in de-repression of both PTEN mRNA and protein in the presence of mature PTEN-targeting microRNAs. Knockdown of PTENP1 decreases abundance of PTEN mRNA and protein. PTENP1 therefore functions as a competing endogenous RNA (ce-RNA) in microRNA-mediated PTEN regulation. PTENP1 losses have been reported in cancer (Poliseno et al. 2010).

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Nature 2010
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