miR-106 RISC:PTEN mRNA [cytosol]

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Homo sapiens
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22000013 Coding-independent regulation of the tumor suppressor PTEN by competing endogenous mRNAs

Tay, Y, Kats, L, Salmena, L, Weiss, D, Tan, SM, Ala, U, Karreth, F, Poliseno, L, Provero, P, Di Cunto, F, Lieberman, J, Rigoutsos, I, Pandolfi, PP

Cell 2011
20388916 Identification of the miR-106b~25 microRNA cluster as a proto-oncogenic PTEN-targeting intron that cooperates with its host gene MCM7 in transformation

Poliseno, L, Salmena, L, Riccardi, L, Fornari, A, Song, MS, Hobbs, RM, Sportoletti, P, Varmeh, S, Egia, A, Fedele, G, Rameh, L, Loda, M, Pandolfi, PP

Sci Signal 2010
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