MAF1 binds the PTEN gene promoter

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The transcription factor MAF1 binds to the promoter region of the PTEN gene to stimulate PTEN transcription (Li et al. 2016). MAF1 is known as a transcriptional repressor of RNA polymerase III-dependent genes, such as genes encoding transport RNAs (tRNAs). Phosphorylation of MAF1 by the mTORC1 complex inhibits MAF1 translocation to the nucleus and transcriptional activity of MAF1 (Shor et al. 2010, Michels et al. 2010).

Literature References
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26910647 MAF1 suppresses AKT-mTOR signaling and liver cancer through activation of PTEN transcription

Li, Y, Tsang, CK, Wang, S, Li, XX, Yang, Y, Fu, L, Huang, W, Li, M, Wang, HY, Zheng, XF

Hepatology 2016
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