Formation of CDK4/6:CCND complexes

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The cyclin dependent kinase CDK4 or CDK6 forms a complex with one of the cyclin D family (CCND) members: cyclin D1 (CCND1), cyclin D2 (CCND2) or cyclin D3 (CCND3) (Matsushime et al. 1992, Meyerson and Harlow 1994, La Baer et al. 1997, Bagui et al. 2003, Cerqueira et al. 2014). This association is regulated by mitogenic pathways (Cheng et al. 1998, Depoortere et al. 1998). While the binding of Cip/Kip CDK-inhibitors (CDKIs) (CDKNA1 - p21Cip, CDKN1B - p27Kip or CDKN1C - p57Kip2) stabilizes CDK4/6:CCND complexes by decreasing their dissociation rate (La Baer et al. 1997; reviewed by Sherr and Roberts 1999), CIP/KIP CDKIs are not needed for binding of CDK4 or CDK6 to CCNDs and activity of CDK4/6:CCND complexes (Bagui et al. 2000, Sugimoto et al. 2002, Bagui et al. 2003, Cerqueira et al. 2014; reviewed by Bockstaele et al 2006).

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