RUNX2 regulates genes involved in cell migration

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RUNX2 regulates expression of several genes implicated in cell migration during normal development and bone metastasis of breast cancer cells.
RUNX2 stimulates transcription of the ITGA5 gene, encoding Integrin alpha 5. Integrin alpha-5 promotes adhesion of breast cancer cells to the bone, thus facilitating formation of bone metastases (Li et al. 2016). ITGA5 is implicated in migration of human dental pulp stem cells (Xu et al. 2015). In zebrafish, Integrin alpha-5 coordinates cell migration during development of sensory organs (Bhat et al. 2011). During mouse retinal angiogenesis, Integrin alpha-5 regulates migration of endothelial cells (Stenzel et al. 2011).
The ITGBL1 gene encodes Integrin beta like protein 1, which is implicated in regulation of TGF-beta signaling and RUNX2-induced bone metastasis of breast cancer (Li et al. 2015).
RUNX2 mediated transcription of the MMP13 gene, encoding Colagenase 3 (Matrix metalloproteinase 13), is stimulated by AKT mediated phosphorylation of RUNX2 and is implicated in invasiveness of breast cancer cells (Pande et al. 2013). MMP13 is involved in migration of innate immune system cells in response to injury (Zhang et al. 2008) and in remodelling of skeletal tissues (Ortega et al. 2003).

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