RUNX1:CBFB:ELF,ELF2,PAX5:BLK gene [nucleoplasm]

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Homo sapiens
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10455134 AML1 (CBFalpha2) cooperates with B cell-specific activating protein (BSAP/PAX5) in activation of the B cell-specific BLK gene promoter

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10207087 Functional and physical interactions between AML1 proteins and an ETS protein, MEF: implications for the pathogenesis of t(8;21)-positive leukemias

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14970218 Isoforms of the Ets transcription factor NERF/ELF-2 physically interact with AML1 and mediate opposing effects on AML1-mediated transcription of the B cell-specific blk gene

Wang, Y, Akbarali, Y, Gu, X, Oettgen, P, Cho, JY, Zhang, DE, Zerbini, LF, Libermann, TA, Boltax, J

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