GUCY2C trimer binds GUCA2A,B

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Heat-stable enterotoxin receptor (GUCY2C, STAR) is the receptor for the endogenous peptides guanylin (GUCA2A) and uroguanylin (GUCA2B) and E.coli heat-stable enterotoxin. GUCY2C is an integral membrane protein composed of an extracellular ligand-binding domain, an intracellular domain and a guanylyl cyclase catalytic domain and functions in trimeric form (Vijayachandra et al. 2000). Once activated by its ligands, GUCY2C mediates fluid-ion homeostasis, intestinal inflammation, and cell proliferation in a cGMP-dependent manner (Arshad et al. 2013). In the intestine, salt and fluid secretion is stimulated by E.coli heat-stable enterotoxins through activation of CUCY2C. The endogenous peptides GUCA2A and GUCA2B have structural similarity to these bacterial enterotoxins and function as mediators of Cl- and water secretion in the intestine (Hamra et al. 1993, Forte et al. 1993, Basu et al. 2010).
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