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The HIGD1A (RCF1A, HIG1) gene is transcribed to yield mRNA and the mRNA is translated to yield protein (Ameri et al. 2015). Expression of HIGD1A is transactivated by HIF in response to hypoxia (Ameri et al. 2015).

HIF binds the promoter of the HIGD1A gene and activates transcription (Ameri et al. 2015). In some cancer cell lines the HIGD1A promoter is methylated, preventing binding of HIF. Based on inferences from mouse homologs, HIF binds the HIGD1A promoter but its inducible expression is largely independent of the CBP/p300 CH1 domain, which interacts with HIF, (Kasper et al. 2005, Kasper and Brindle 2006) and the CBP/p300 holoproteins (Kasper et al. 2014).

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Cell Rep 2015
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