MET binds LRIG1

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LRIG1 can bind the MET receptor in the absence of HGF-mediated MET activation and trigger MET downregulation in a CBL-independent manner (Shattuck et al. 2007). MET targeting by the therapeutic antibody SAIT301 leads to LRIG1-mediated MET degradation through the lysosomal route. LRIG1-mediated MET downregulation requires ubiquitination of LRIG1 by an unknown ubiquitin ligase and can be inhibited by the ubiqitin hydrolase USP8, which deubiquitinates LRIG1 (Oh et al. 2014, Lee et al. 2014). Ubiquitinated LRIG1 binds to HGS (Hrs), a protein involved in clathrin-mediated endocytosis, and LRIG1 and MET co-localize with the lysosomal marker LAMP1 (Oh et al. 2014).
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