HSPA8-mediated ATP hydrolysis promotes vesicle uncoating

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HSPA8 hydrolyzes ATP to promote dissociation of the clathrin coat from the vesicle (reviewed in Sousa and Lafer, 2015). Interaction of HSPA8 with the C-terminal tail of clathrin may sterically block re-stabilization of the clathrin coat, which is thought to undergo transient cycles of 'breathing', or loosening of the interactions between the triskelions (Barouch et al, 1997; Rapoport et al, 2008; Xing et al, 2010). Alternately, HSPA8 may destabilize the clathrin coat through intermolecular collisions with the coat (reveiwed in Sousa and Lafer, 2015). The HSPA8-clathrin interaction persists once clathrin has been removed from the vesicle. This is thought to preclude aberrant repolymerization of clathrin by sequestering free clathrin (Schlossman et al, 1984; reviewed in Sousa and Lafer, 2015).

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ATPase activity of PI(4)P:p-T156 AP-2:clathrin:ITSNs:EPS15:REPS1:SGIP1:NECAPs:AAK1:CLASP proteins:cargo:F-BAR proteins:BAR domain proteins:ARP2/3 complex:WASL:f-actin:HIP dimers:DNM:GDP:SYNJs:auxilin:HSPA8:ATP [clathrin-coated endocytic vesicle membrane]

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