TBC1D20 binds NS5A

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Homo sapiens
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Hepatitis C virus subtype 1a
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TBC (Tre2/Bub2/Cdc16) domain family member 20 (TBC1D20), is a member of the Rab GAP for Rab1, the Rab involved in the regulation of ER-to-Golgi transport. TBC1D20 also interacts with Hepatitis C virus (HCV) nonstructural protein NS5A and this interaction is necessary for efficient HCV infection. It has been proposed that the TBC1D20:NS5A interaction locally inactivates Rab1 at sites of nascent viral protein synthesis to promote redirection from a Golgi-bound pathway to the virus-induced membrane structures, supporting HCV RNA replication (Sklan et al. 2007).

Literature References
PubMed ID Title Journal Year
17901050 TBC1D20 is a Rab1 GTPase-activating protein that mediates hepatitis C virus replication

Lambright, DG, Pfeffer, SR, Glenn, JS, Einav, S, Serrano, RL, Sklan, EH

J. Biol. Chem. 2007
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hepatitis DOID:2237 acute/subac. necrosis of liver, chronic hepatitis, acute hepatitis, animal hepatitis, acute and subacute liver necrosis, chronic persistent hepatitis
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