NTPDase3 hydrolyzes nucleoside triphosphates

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NTPDase3 (CD39L3), encoded by the ENTPD3 gene, is a plasma membrane-bound ectonucleotidase that hydrolyzes extracellular NTPs to NMPs via corresponding NDP intermediates (Smith and Kirley 1998, Lavoie et al. 2004, Kukulski et al. 2005). NTPDase3 is about 3 times more efficient in hydrolyzing ATP than ADP (Smith and Kirley 1998). NTPDase3 is expressed in some neurons (Belcher et al. 2006, Lavoie et al. 2010) where it may be involved in sleep-wake behaviour (Belcher et al. 2006). NTPDase3 is also expressed in islet cells where it may regulate insulin secretion (Lavoie et al. 2010).

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nucleoside-triphosphatase activity of NTPDase3:Ca2+,Mg2+ [plasma membrane]

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