RAB3GAP1:RAB3GAP2 recruits RAB18:GCDP to ER

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RAB18 is a highly conserved RAB GTPase with roles in Golgi to ER trafficking, lipid droplet formation and the regulation of secretory granules and peroxisomes (Dejgaard et al, 2008; Gerondopoulos et al, 2014; Martin et al, 2005; Ozeki et al, 2005; Vazquez-Martinez et al, 2007; Gronemeyer et al, 2013). RAB18 is recruited to the ER membrane by the RAB18 GEF complex RAB3GAP1:RAB3GAP2, a complex that was initially identified and characterized for its GAP activity towards RAB3 (Gerondopoulos et al, 2013; Fukui et al, 1997; Nagano et al, 1998).
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