ACBD6 binds LCFA-CoA

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Acyl-CoA-binding domain-containing protein 6 (ACBD6) has an acyl-CoA binding domain at its N terminus and two ankyrin motifs at its C terminus. ACBD6 binds long-chain acyl-CoAs (LCFA-CoA) with a strong preference for unsaturated, C18:1-CoA and C20:4-CoA, over saturated, C16:0-CoA substrates. ACBD6 is expressed in tissues and progenitor cells with functions in blood and vessel development (Soupene et al. 2008). A possible role of ACBD6 could be to protect membrane systems from the detergent nature of free acyl-CoAs by controlling their release to acyl-CoA-utilising enzymes (Soupene & Kuypers 2015).

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