STAT3 binds SOCS3 promoter

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The promoter of the SOCS3 gene contains two STAT binding/response elements (SREs), in between the AP-1 site and the SP1/SP3 site. STAT3, the AP-1 (FOS:JUN) complex and SP1 or SP3 can all contribute to SOCS3 induction (Wiejak et al. 2012), which depends on the cellular context. In some cell types, binding of STAT3 may be necessary (Isobe et al. 2006) for stimulation of SOCS3 transcription. STAT1 but not STAT3 is important for SOCS3 induction downstream of interferon-gamma (IFNG) signaling (Gatto et al. 2004). STAT3 needs to be phosphorylated on tyrosine residue Y705 in order to bind the SOCS3 promoter and activate SOCS3 transcription (Yang et al. 2010).

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