RAB33B:GTP binds RIC1:RGP1

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Medial Golgi protein RAB33B binds to both components of the RAB6 GEF complex RIC1:RGP1, and interacts with the RIC1 subunit at a site that is distinct from the RAB6-interacting site. Activated RAB33B does not change the RAB6-directed GEF activity of the RIC1:RGP1 complex, nor does it affect RAB6 binding, however overexpression of RAB33B leads to loss of RAB6 from the Golgi (Starr et al, 2010; Pusapati et al, 2012). The significance of the interaction between RAB33B and the RIC1:RGP1 complex remains to be elucidated, however it is possible that RAB6 and RAB33B form a sequential RAB cascade that contributes to COPI-dependent retrograde traffic from the trans- to medial- Golgi.

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