alpha-aminoadipate + alpha-ketoglutarate <=> alpha-ketoadipate + glutamate

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Kynurenine/alpha-aminoadipate aminotransferase (AADAT) catalyzes the reversible reaction of alpha-aminoadipate and alpha-ketoglutarate to form alpha-ketoadipate and glutamate. Crystallographic studies have demonstrated that active AADAT enzyme is a homodimer with a pyridoxal phosphate moiety covalently attached to each monomer (Han et al. 2008; Rossi et al. 2008). The enzyme is inferred to be located within the mitochondrion because of a mitochondrial localization sequence motif at the aminoterminal end of the AADAT polypeptide (Goh et al. 2002).
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2-aminoadipate transaminase activity of AADAT dimer [mitochondrial matrix]

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