Integrator complex processes the 3' end of snRNA

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Transcription of the pre-snRNA extends through a conserved region, the 3' box, and terminates downstream. The heterodimeric subunits INTS9 and INTS11 within the Integrator complex form an endoribonuclease that cleaves the pre-snRNA at a location 5' to the 3' box (Baillat et al. 2005, Abrecht and Wagner 2012, Skaar et al. 2015), releasing the capped snRNA bound to the cap binding complex. Factors that bind the 5' cap of the pre-snRNA enhance processing at the 3' end (Hallais et al. 2013) and polyadenlyation factors PCF11 and SKU72 are required for transcription termination (O'Reilly et al. 2014). The remainder of the transcript downstream of the cleavage site is presumably degraded by exoribonuclease.
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RNA endonuclease activity of RNA polymerase II (phosphoserine-2,7):RPAP2:Integrator:LEC:CBCAP:capped pre-snRNA:Initiation factors:snRNA gene [nucleoplasm]

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