ARL1 recruits TGN Golgin homodimers

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GTP-bound ARL1, in conjunction with RAB6 and/or RAB9, is responsible for the recruitment of the 4 trans-Golgi network associated Golgin tethering factors, GOLGA4 (also known as Golgin245), GOLGA1 (also known as Golgin97), GCC1 (also known as GCC88) and GCC2 (also known as GCC185) (Barr et al, 1999; van Valkenburgh et al, 2001; Panic et al, 2003a; Panic et al, 2003b; Wu et al, 2004; Setty et al, 2003; reviewed in Munro et al, 2011). These coiled-coil tethering factors act as homodimers and participate in the recruitment of early endolysosomal-derived vesicles to the TGN by virtue of interacting with SNAREs and RAB proteins (Luke et al 2005; Lieu et al, 2007; Burguette et al, 2008; Ganley et al, 2008; Hayes et al, 2009; reviewed in Munro et al, 2011; Pfeffer, 2011). Evidence suggests that the Golgin tethering proteins show specificity for different retrograde cargos. For instance, retrograde transport of Shiga toxin requires both GOLGA1 and GOLGA4, while GOLGA1 is dispensible for transport of mannose-6-phosphate receptors (Lu et al, 2004; Yoshino et al, 2005; Reddy et al, 2006). Similarly, GCC1, but not GCC2, is required for TGN46 retrograde transport (Lieu et al, 2007; Derby et al, 2007). A fifth TGN-localized Golgin, TMF1, may also function similarly in retrograde transport from the early endosomes as it has been shown to interact with RAB6 and to be required for retrograde transport of Shiga toxin (Fridmann-Sirkis et al, 2004; Yamane et al, 2007).

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