ARFRP1 recruits ARL1 to the TGN

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ARFRP1 regulates Golgi localization of ARL1, another ARF-like GTPase that itself recruits a number of Golgin-tethering factors to the TGN. Knockout strains of ARL3, the yeast homologue of ARFRP1, abrogates Golgi localization of both yeast Arl1p and the four yeast Golgin homologues, suggesting a cascade of ARL proteins is contributes to retrograde trafficking at the TGN (Setty et al, 2003; Setty et al, 2004; Behnia et al, 2004; Panic et al, 2003; reviewed in Munro, 2005; Bonafacino and Rojas, 2006). GEF and GAP proteins that regulate ARFRP1 and ARL1 activity have not yet been identified (reviewed in Munro, 2005).
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