The COG tethering complex interacts with numerous SNAREs at the Golgi membrane

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Octameric COG (Conserved Oligomeric Golgi) is a Golgi localized tethering complex that aids in the capture of vesicles during intra-Golgi traffic as well as the capture of retrograde vesicles from the endosome at the trans-Golgi network (Zolov and Lupashin, 2005; reviewed in Willet et al, 2013a). Consistent with this, the COG complex interacts with many of the proteins involved in vesicle targeting, including SNAREs, coat proteins and RABs, among others. At the Golgi, COG has been shown to interact with Golgi SNAREs STX6, STX6, STX16, GOSR1, GOSR2, BET1L, SNAP29, VPS45 and VTI1A, but not other Golgi SNAREs and not ERGIC-resident SNAREs (Suvorora et al, 2002; Laufman et al, 2009; Laufman et al, 2011; Laufman et al, 2013; Shestakova et al, 2007; Willet et al, 2013b). The function of each of these COG-Golgi SNARE interactions has not yet been characterized in full detail (reviewed in Willet et al, 2013a).
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