RPAP2:RPRD1A,B:RPRD2:RNA polymerase II (phosphoserine-5,7):Initiation factors:snRNA gene [nucleoplasm]

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Homo sapiens
RPAP2:RPRD1A,B:RPRD2:RNA polymerase II (phosphoserine-5,7):TBP:TFIIB:TFIIA:TFIIE:TFIIF:snTAFc:CDK7:SNAPc:POU2F1:STAF:RNU1-1,RNU2-1 gene
Literature References
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24997600 RPRD1A and RPRD1B are human RNA polymerase II C-terminal domain scaffolds for Ser5 dephosphorylation

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22137580 Ser7 phosphorylation of the CTD recruits the RPAP2 Ser5 phosphatase to snRNA genes

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22231121 Control of the RNA polymerase II phosphorylation state in promoter regions by CTD interaction domain-containing proteins RPRD1A and RPRD1B

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