Vesicle is tethered through binding GOLGA2:GORASP1, GOLGB1 and the COG complex

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Vesicles tethering at the cis-Golgi is mediated both by long coiled-coil tethers and by large multisubunit complexes. Vesicle-bound USO1 homodimers associate with the Golgi localized GOLGA2:GORASP1 complex and with the Golgi-localized octameric COG tethering complex (Allan et al, 2000; Moyer et al, 2001; Weide et al, 2001; Nakamura et al, 1997; Seeman et al, 2000; Sohda et al, 2007). GOLGB1 is another Golgi localized tether that may facilitate vesicle tethering at the cis-Golgi, although it is also implicated in intra-Golgi retrograde trafficking (Linstedt and Hauri, 1993; Sonnichsen et al, 1998; Alvarez et al, 2001; Beard et al, 2005; reviewed in Appenzeller-Herzog et al, 2006). In addition to binding to USO1, the COG complex also interacts with components of the COPI coat, as well as with SNARE proteins and the TMEM115 protein (Suvorova et al, 2002; Zolov et al, 2005; Shestakova et al, 2007; Ong et al, 2014; reviewed in Willet et al, 2013).

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