TP53 Regulates Transcription of Death Receptors and Ligands

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Homo sapiens
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Pro-apoptotic transcriptional targets of TP53 are TRAIL death receptors TNFRSF10A (DR4), TNFRSF10B (DR5), TNFRSF10C (DcR1) and TNFRSF10D (DcR2), as well as the FASL/CD95L death receptor FAS (CD95). TRAIL receptors and FAS induce pro-apoptotic signaling in response to external stimuli via extrinsic apoptosis pathway (Wu et al. 1997, Takimoto et al. 2000, Guan et al. 2001, Liu et al. 2004, Ruiz de Almodovar et al. 2004, Liu et al. 2005, Schilling et al. 2009, Wilson et al. 2013). IGFBP3 is a transcriptional target of TP53 that may serve as a ligand for a novel death receptor TMEM219 (Buckbinder et al. 1995, Ingermann et al. 2010).

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