COA1:MT-ND2, TMEM186:MT-ND3, MT-ND6, NDUFB6 bind the MCIA complex to form a 370kDa subcomplex

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Membrane arm subunits COA1:MT-ND2, TMEM186:MT-ND3, MT-ND6 and NDUFB6 associate with the assembly factors TMEM126B, NDUFAF1, ECSIT and ACAD9 (which form the MCIA complex) forming a 370kDa subcomplex (Mckenzie & Ryan 2010, Andrews et al. 2013). Formosa et al. identified TMEM186 and COA1 as components of the MCIA complex with loss of either resulting in MCIA complex defects and reduced complex I assembly (Formosa et al. 2020). Transmembrane protein 186 (TMEM186) interacts strongly with ND3 while cytochrome c oxidase assembly factor 1 homolog (COA1) interacts with ND2.
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