LIPT2 transfers octanoyl group to GCSH

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Mitochondrial lipoyltransferase 2 (LIPT2) transfers an octanoyl group bound to the acyl-carrier protein NDUFAB1 (ACP) to mitochondrial glycine cleavage system H protein (GCSH) at lysine 107 (Schonauer et al. 2009; Cao et al., 2018). The octanoyl moiety is provided by mitochondrial fatty acid synthesis pathways (Feng et al., 2009; Witkowski et al., 2011). Mutations in LIPT2 can cause severe neonatal encephalopathy by lipoate deficiency of mitochondrial dehydrogenase complexes (NELABA. MIM:617668; Habarou et al., 2017).
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lipoyl(octanoyl) transferase activity of LIPT2 [mitochondrial matrix]

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