GTPBP3 and MTO1 transform uridine-34 yielding 5-taurinomethyluridine-34 in tRNA

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A conserved pathway consisting of at least GTPBP3 (MSS1 in Saccharomyces cerevisiae, MnmE in Escherichia coli) and MTO1 (MTO1 in S. cerevisiae, MnmG in E. coli) modifies the wobble nucleotide uridine-34 in mitochondrial tRNA (Asano et al. 2018). In humans a methyl group and a taurine group (2-aminoethylsulfonic acid) are conjugated to the 5 position of the uracil ring (Suzuki et al. 2002). In yeast and E. coli a methyl group and a glycine group are conjugated, yielding 5-carboxymethylaminomethyluridine. The details of the reaction mechanism are unknown. Modification of the wobble nucleotide is required for efficient and accurate translation. Mutations in constituents of the pathway cause disease symptoms characteristic of mitochondrial dysfunction: lactic acidosis, hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, respiratory chain defect, and, in association with the A1555G mutation in 12S rRNA, deafness (Ghezzi et al. 2012, Baruffini et al. 2013, Tischner et al. 2015).

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