FANCD2:FANCI complex and UBE2T bind ICL-DNA associated with the FA core complex

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The ID2 complex, composed of FANCD2 and FANCI, binds to branched DNA structures, such as stalled replication forks at DNA interstrand crosslinks (ICL-DNA) (Yuan et al. 2009, Longerich et al. 2009, Joo et al. 2011). The ID2 complex also interacts with the FA core complex component FANCL, activating the E3 ubiquitin ligase activity of FANCL (Rajendra et al. 2014, Longerich et al. 2014). Up to fifty FANCD2 molecules (ID2 complexes) may be recruited per one ICL, probably spreading to surrounding DNA (Douwel et al. 2014). The E2 ubiquitin ligase UBE2T is recruited to ICL-DNA by binding to the FANCL subunit of the FA core complex independently of the ID2 complex (Machida et al. 2006, Alpi et al. 2007, Hodson et al. 2014).

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