ERCC8:DDB1:CUL4:RBX1 ubiquitinates ERCC6 and RNA Pol II

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The ubiquitin ligase complex ERCC8:DDB1:CUL4:RBX1 may ubiquitinate ERCC6 (CSB) (Groisman et al. 2006) at the later steps of TC-NER and may also be required in the ubiquitination of the RNA Pol II subunit POLR2A in response to damage (Bregman et al. 1996, Lee et al. 2002). Ubiquitination mediated by ERCC8 (CSA) containing ubiquitin ligase complex plays an important role in progression and termination of transcription-coupled nucleotide excision repair (TC-NER), although the mechanistic details are largely unknown.

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ubiquitin protein ligase activity of Hyperphosphorylated RNA Pol II:Damaged DNA template:nascent mRNA hybrid:TFIIH:ERCC6:ERCC8:DDB1:CUL4:RBX1 [nucleoplasm]

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