BET1:GOSR2:STX5 bind v-SNARES on tethered vesicle

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After displacement of the COPII coat, a tetrameric SNAREpin forms between the v-SNARE and the three t-SNARE proteins (Hay et al, 1997; Hay et al, 1998; Hui et al, 1997; Bentley et al, 2006; reviewed in Hong and Lev 2014). This interaction is promoted by the tethering factor USO1 and by the STX5-interacting protein SCFD1 (Wang et al, 2014; Dascher and Balch, 1996; Cao and Barlowe 2000; Flanagan and Barlowe, 2006; reviewed in Lord et al, 2013). The zippering of the SNAREpin provides the mechanical force that drives membrane fusion, releasing cargo into the acceptor compartment (reviewed in Sudhof and Rothman, 2009).

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