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Protein protein interactions involving activated RAB1:GTP help dock the ER-derived vesicle on the cis-Golgi membrane (reviewed in Lord et al, 2013) . Independently, RAB:GTP interacts with both the USO1 homodimer (a long coiled coil tethering factor also known as p115) and the GOLGA2 component of the GOLGA2:GORASP1 complex on the cis-Golgi membrane (Allan et al, 2000; Moyer et al, 2001; Weide et al, 2001). USO1 also contacts GOLGA2 directly (Nakamura et al, 1997; Seeman et al, 2000). t-SNARES such as STX5, GOSR1and GOSR2 also participate in this complex on the cis-ERGIC membrane (Brandon et al, 2006; Shorter et al, 2002; reviewed in Brandizzi and Barlowe, 2013).
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