SEC16 complex binds SAR1B:GTP:SEC23:SEC24

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The multimeric SEC16 complex marks sites of ER exit (ERES) and helps to localize nascent COPII coat complexes through interaction with SEC23 and SAR1 (Battacharyya et al, 2007; Watson et al, 2006; Hughes et al, 2009; Yorimitsu and Sato, 2012; reviewed in Sprangers and Rabouille, 2015). SEC16 may help to prevent premature dissociation of the COPII coats after activation of SEC13 GTPase (Supek et al, 2002; Kung et al, 2012). SEC16 functions with hexameric TFG1, which is recruited to the ERES through direct interaction with SEC16 and is required for cargo traffic out of the ER and for organization of the ER-to-ERGIC boundary (Witte et al, 2001; Beetz et al, 2012; Johnson et al, 2015).

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