ATM recognizes H2AFX-Nucleosomes

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H2AFX (also known as H2AX) is a variant of histone H2A and is present in a portion of nucleosomes. While H2AFX-containing nucleosomes (H2AFX-nucleosomes) are not specifically recruited to the sites of DNA double-strand breaks (DSBs), ATM recognizes the carboxyl tails of H2AFX on H2AFX-nucleosomes in the vicinity of DSBs as a suitable phosphorylation substrate. The phosphorylated H2AFX (gamma-H2AX) plays a crucial role in the retention of DNA repair proteins at DSBs, manifested in the formation of ionizing radiation-induced foci (Paull et al. 2000, Celeste et al. 2002, Redon et al. 2002, Celeste et al. 2003, Fernandez-Capetillo et al. 2004).
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