Association of RAD51 with RAD52:DNA double-strand break ends

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RAD52 can simultaneously interact with RAD51 and RPA. The interaction with RAD51 may inhibit the formation of the invading RAD51 filament by sequestering RAD51 from RPA, thus promoting single strand annealing (SSA) instead of homologous recombination (Chen et al. 1999, Stark et al. 2004, Singleton et al. 2002, Mansour et al. 2008). The interaction of RAD51 and RAD52 is promoted by ABL1-mediated phosphorylation of both RAD51 and RAD52 (Chen et al. 1999, Van Dyck et al. 1999), which also increases RAD52 affinity for DNA (Honda et al. 2011).
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