Defective pro-SFTPB does not translocate from ER membrane to multivesicle body

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Surfactant proteins (SFTPs) are trafficked from the ER membrane to lamellar bodies (LBs) via the multi-vesicle body (MVB). The pro-SFTPs B and C are cleaved to produce functional SFTPs. Absence of proSFTPB and mature SFTPB proteins are associated with nonsense and frame-shift mutations in the SFTPB gene. These defects can cause pulmonary surfactant metabolism dysfunction 1 (SMDP1; MIM:265120), a rare lung disorder due to impaired surfactant homeostasis characterised by alveoli filling with floccular material. Excessive lipoprotein accumulation in the alveoli results in a form of respiratory distress syndrome in premature infants (RDS; MIM:267450). A common mutation causing RDS is a frameshift mutation consisting of a substitution of GAA for C in codon 121 (Nogee et al. 1994). Another frameshift mutation causing RDS is 457delC (Tredano et al. 1999).

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Loss of function of pro-SFTPB mutants [endoplasmic reticulum membrane]

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newborn respiratory distress syndrome DOID:12716 Neonatal respiratory Distress syndrome, hyaline membrane disease, HMD - Hyaline membrane disease, pulmonary hypoperfusion syndrome of newborn, respiratory distress syndrome of newborn, pulmonary hyaline membrane disease
interstitial lung disease DOID:3082 ILD
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