PRKDC phosphorylates DCLRE1C at DNA DSBs

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Homo sapiens
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PRKDC (DNA-PKcs) phosphorylates DCLRE1C (ARTEMIS) at least on serine residue S516, and this phosphorylation is necessary for the activation of DCLRE1C endonucleolytic activity (Ma et al. 2002, Ma et al. 2005, Soubeyrand et al. 2006) as it relieves an autoinhibitory conformation of DCLRE1C (Niewolik et al. 2006).
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protein serine/threonine kinase activity of p-T2609,S2612,T2638,T2647-PRKDC:XRCC5:XRCC6:p-S645-DCLRE1C:DNA DSB ends [nucleoplasm]

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