ERCC1:XPF cleaves flaps generated by SSA

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The endonuclease complex ERCC1:XPF (ERCC1:ERCC4) is recruited to single strand annealing (SSA) sites of DNA double-strand break (DSB) repair through direct interaction between XPF (ERCC4) and RAD52 (Motycka et al. 2004). ERCC1:XPF cleaves the ssDNA flaps generated by displacement of non-complementary 3' parts of 3' ssDNA overhangs during RAD52-mediated annealing. The enzymatic activity of ERCC1:XPF is necessary for the completion of SSA (Motycka et al. 2004, Al-Minawi et al. 2008, Ahmad et al. 2008).

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