p-Y7-CLEC1B dimer:PDPN binds SYK

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Following the phosphorylation of CLEC1B on its hemi-ITAM motif it can bind the kinase SYK (Suzuki-Inoue et al. 2006, 2007, Spalton et al. 2009, Severin et al. 2011). Beyond SYK, CLEC1B signalling is similar to that of GPVI:FcR1 gamma. Murine platelets deficient in Syk or PLC gamma 2 fail to respond to rhodocytin, suggesting they are crucial for Clec1b signal transduction. Mice deficient in the adaptor proteins Linker for activation of T-cells family member 1 (LAT), LCP2 (SLP-76) or the guanine nucleotide exchange factors Vav1-3 are able to respond to high concentrations of rhodocytin, suggesting that these molecules participate in Clec1b signaling but do not prevent signaling when absent (Suzuki-Inoue et al. 2006, Finney et al. 2011).

Clec1b signaling is reduced in the presence of the ITIM-containing immunoglobulin superfamily transmembrane protein G6B (Mori et al. 2008). G6B is thought to act by reducing Syk tyrosine phosphorylation (Mori et al. 2008) but it is possible that the target of inhibition is elsewhere in the CLEC1B signaling cascade.
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