PIAS4 SUMOylates HERC2 with SUMO1 at DNA DSBs

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PIAS4 SUMOylates HERC2 at an unknown lysine residue with SUMO1. ATM activity is needed for PIAS4-mediated HERC2 SUMOylation and it is therefore plausible that the ATM-mediated phosphorylation of HERC2 precedes HERC2 SUMOylation. Once SUMOylated, the ZZ domain of HERC2 interacts with the attached SUMO1 group, probably leading to a conformational change that allows binding of phosphorylated HERC2 to RNF8 (Bekker-Jensen et al. 2010, Danielsen et al. 2012).

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SUMO transferase activity of DNA DSBs:p-MRN:p-S1981,Ac-K3016-ATM:KAT5:p-S139-H2AFX,Me2K21-HIST1H4A-Nucleosome:p-5T-MDC1:KDM4A,B:p-S102-WHSC1:RNF8:Zn2+:p-T4827-HERC2:PIAS4 [nucleoplasm]

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