FLIP(L) and procaspase-8 form heterodimer

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Heterodimerization with CFLAR is able to activate CASP8 and -10 because CFLAR uses the same dimer interface between the catalytic domains (Boatright et al. 2004; Dohrman et al. 2005; Micheau et al. 2002; Yu et al. 2009). However, the enzymatic activity of CFLAR:CASP8 heterodimers is insufficient to generate active CASP8 heterotetramers for the apoptosis induction in mammalian cells. In contrary, the residual catalitic activity of CASP8:CFLAR is sufficient for RIP1/RIP3 cleavage, which inhibited the necroptotic cell death mode (Feoktistova M et al. 2011; Dillon CP et al. 2012; Oberst A et al. 2001).

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