PEBP1 binds activated RAF1

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PEBP1, also known as RKIP (Raf kinase inhibitor protein), is a negative regulator of RAF1 that binds to the phosphorylated NtA region and prevents activation of MAP2K substrates (Yeung et al, 1999; Yeung et al, 2000; Rath et al, 2008; Park et al, 2006; reviewed in Lorenz et al, 2014). Relief of this PEBP1 repression of RAF1 activity is stimulated by phosphorylation of PEBP1, which promotes it dissociation from RAF1. Candidate kinases for phosphorylation of PEBP1 include PKC and the MAPKs themselves, which would establish a positive feedback loop stimulating MAPK pathway activity (Corbit et al, 2003; Cho et al, 2003; Shin et al, 2009).

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