YWHAB dimer dissociates from dephosphorylated RAF

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Dephosphorylation of S259 (S365/S214) by PP2A promotes the transient dissociation of 14-3-3 dimers from this site (Ory et al, 2003; Jaumot et al, 2001; Rommel et al, 1996; reviewed in Raabe and Raap, 2003; Matallanas et al, 2011). In the case of RAF1, displacement of 14-3-3 has also been shown to be promoted by a direct interaction between RAF1 and the cell cycle protein prohibitin (PHB; Rajalingam et al, 2005; reviewed in Rajalingam and Rudel, 2005; Chowdhury et al, 2014).
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