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IQGAP1 binds the complex of E-cadherin (CDH1), beta-catenin (CTTNB1) and alpha-catenin (CTTNA1) at adherens junctions (Kuroda et al. 1998, Hage et al. 2009) and this interaction is corroborated by menin (MEN1) (Yan et al. 2009). It is implicated that IQGAP1 binding to CTTNB1 causes CTTNA1 to dissociate from the E-cadherin:catenin complex (Kuroda et al. 1998, Fukata et al. 1999). Binding of IQGAP1 to activated RAC1 or CDC42 competes with IQGAP1 association with the CDH1 dimer:CTTNB1:CTTNA1 complex (Kuroda et al. 1998, Fukata et al. 1999, Yan et al. 2009, Hage et al. 2009). Studies done in pancreatic cell lines found that the binding of IQGAP1 to E-cadherin:catenin complex at adherens junctions increases cell adhesion and decreases cell motility (Yan et al. 2009, Hage et al. 2009). On the contrary, studies done in mouse fibroblasts reported that IQGAP1 binding to E-cadherin:catenin complex and the concomitant displacement of CTTNA1 causes dissociation of adherens junctions (Kuroda et al. 1998, Fukata et al. 1999).
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