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NF2 (Merlin) is a product of the tumor suppressor gene neurofibromatosis type 2 (NF2). NF2 binds to the PBD of PAK1 and prevents its activation (Kissil et al. 2003). In primary schwannoma tumor samples derived from patients with germline mutations in the NF2 gene, PAK1 activity is highly elevated (Yi et al. 2008) and essential for the malignant growth of NF2-deficient cells (Hirokawa et al. 2004). In complex with ERBIN (ERBB2IP), NF2 may also be involved in the inhibition of PAK2 activation (Wilkes et al. 2009).

The localization and function of NF2 may be modulated by PAK2-mediated phosphorylation and subsequent sumoylation (Rong et al. 2004, Qi et al. 2014).

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