NOX3 complex:RAC1:GTP generates superoxide from oxygen

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Homo sapiens
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While NOX3:CYBA complex has constitutive NADPH oxidase activity, the presence of NCF1, NCF2 or NOXA1 and RAC1:GTP enhances the production of superoxide O2- by the NOX3:CYBA complex. When NCF1 is replaced with NOXO1, RAC1:GTP becomes dispensible for the full activation of the NOX3 complex (Ueno et al. 2005, Ueyama et al. 2006, Miyano and Sumimoto 2007, Kao et al. 2008)

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superoxide-generating NAD(P)H oxidase activity of NOX3 complex:RAC1:GTP [plasma membrane]

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