Activated FMNL3 binds G-actin

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Activated FMNL3 (presumably associated with RHOC:GTP) has the ability to directly bind G-actin through knob and coiled-coil subdomains of the FMNL3 FH2 domain. The proline-rich FH1 domain which precedes the FH2 domain presumably interacts with profilins bound to G-actin (Romero et al. 2004, Kovar et al. 2006, Kuhn and Geyer 2014). FMNL3 contributes to the elongation of actin filaments (Heimsath and Higgs 2012, Thompson et al. 2013). Activated FMNL3 may also trigger microtubule alignment during angiogenesis (Hetheridge et al. 2012).

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