KBTBD7:CUL3:RBX1 ubiquitinates NF1

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NF1 levels are controlled by proteasomal degradation in response to stimulation by some growth factors (Cichowski et al, 2003). Ubiquitination is mediated by the CUL3:RBX1 RING E3 ligase complex in conjunction with the BTB adaptor protein KBTBD7 (Hollstein et al, 2013). After its initial rapid degradation, NF1 protein levels are re-established shortly after growth factor treatment, allowing appropriate termination of RAS MAPK signaling (Cichowski et al, 2003). Aberrant destabilization of NF1 by CUL3:KBTBD7-mediated proteasomal degradation has been identified in cases of glioblastoma and depends on activation of PKC alpha (Cichowski et al, 2003; McGillicuddy et al, 2009; Hollstein et al, 2013).

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