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Fibroblast growth factor binding proteins (FGFBPs) are extracellular proteins that bind to FGFs and extract them from the extracellular matrix, thereby increasing their mitogenic potential (Wu et al, 1991; Tassi et al, 2001; Beer et al, 2005; reviewed in Abuharbeid et al, 2005). FGFBP1 has been shown to bind to FGF1, 2, 7, 10 and 22 by co-immunoprecipitation and/or competition assay (Tassi et al, 2001; Beer et al, 2005). Furthermore, it has been shown that stimulation of FGF7 along with FGFBP1 enhances the proliferation of FGFR2b-expressing cells (Beer et al, 2005). FGFBP expression is upregulated in some cancers and contributes to tumor growth and angiogenesis (reviewed in Abuharbeid et al, 2005).

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