POLK and POLZ cooperate in elongation of mispaired primer termini

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DNA polymerase kappa (POLK) can elongate mispaired primer termini generated when an incorrect nucleotide is incorporated opposite a damaged DNA base either by POLK or by another translesion DNA synthesis (TLS) polymerase (Haracska et al. 2002, Carlson et al. 2006). POLK can processively synthesize polynucleotide chains that are usually not more than 20 nucleotides long, generating single base substitutions at a rate of 7/1000 and single base deletions at a rate of 3/1000 (Ohashi et al. 2000). POLK and POLZ can cooperate in the elongation of nucleotides inserted opposite to lesioned bases by POLK (Yoon et al. 2010, Wojtaszek et al. 2012a, Wojtaszek et al. 2012b, Xie et al. 2012, Yoon et al. 2014)
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DNA-directed DNA polymerase activity of POLK:REV1:POLZ:MonoUb:K164-PCNA:RPA:RFC:(Tg:A)-DNA Template,(OGUA:A)-DNA Template,(BPDE-G:C)-DNA Template [nucleoplasm]

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